Day 1 – Women’s Weekly Office!


You know that feeling, right? When you can’t stop moving. You feel really jittery. No matter how tight you tense every muscle in your body, your legs still shake. Well, that happened to me this morning. I was sitting on the bus on the way to work at ACP magazines and I started getting this feeling.
Perhaps I was just cold? Nerves? Excited? Maybe. Personally, I think it was all three!

I didn’t know what I was going to be expecting. Work experience week had finally arrived and I couldn’t have asked for anything better! I was going to be working in the offices of Women’s Weekly for a whole week!

Fast forward to 9:30am and I am hopping off the bus, walking to work. I went up to the front desk and collected my oh-so-fancy swipe card. You’d think since it is a swipe card, it would be easy to understand how to use it. Mmm, that’s what I thought too. I tried swiping it. Didn’t work. I turned it around and swiped it. Nope. Flashed it in front of this sensor thing. Nup. After what felt like hours, the cute little glass gate-type things opened and let me through. Ha, luckily I wasn’t running late!

I walked out of the elevator onto Level 4 and met Ella – the lady I would be working with for the next week. I felt like a midget standing next to her, but I suppose her three-inch heels didn’t help!

She showed me to my desk and of course, with my luck, some technical difficulties with my computer began. After we sorted it all out, I started work! My first thing to do was to read through four of the latest issues of Woman’s Day and find any Editorial Mentions. Let’s pause here for a second…an “editorial mention” is when the editor has mentioned a product or brand in the magazine, but that company didn’t personally ask them to include it.
Still not clicking? I will dumb it right down for you…it is an advertisement that hasn’t been paid for.
So that is what I spent my first four hours at work doing. Yes, it took that long! Flicking through every single page of four magazines and recording every Ed’s Mention can take a while!

So, that was my first day on the job! 🙂 I got to speak to the Editor-in-Chief as well! She was really nice! I gave her a few copies of some small newsletters I make in my spare time and she said she would have a flick through them and give me some pointers.

Hopefully, I won’t be doing Ed’s Mentions ALL day tomorrow…we’ll see.

Keep smiling. x

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