Flying high.

I was sitting at the park by myself the other day (I have friends, I swear). I was about to open up a book to read but was distracted by a little girl laughing. I watched her as she ran as fast as she could to allow her kite to rise off the ground. Once she had reached top speed the kite started to lift itself into the air. A short time later she began to get tired from running and her run turned into a jog, which quickly converted into a walk then a complete stop. Meanwhile, the kite was losing all its motivation to stay off the grass.

Just before the girl collapsed to the ground exhausted, an older boy, who I assumed was her brother, came to her rescue and collected the kite in his hands. He began running at full speed and with a face full of determination, it was clear that he wasn’t giving up anytime soon. The little girl looked at her brother smiling and found the energy to get up and run along behind him. 
If someone was to ask me what I did at the park that day, they probably would think I am a total creep watching children play. All I know is that those kids taught me a lesson. There are things that are challenging me in life at the moment and sometimes it feels like flying my kite is getting tiring and honestly, it is exhausting. Constantly running to keep it in the air can be difficult and just when we lose all momentum and start to fall behind, our kite begins to drop. The best part is that right before we collapse and feel like we will never get back up again, God comes along and picks up the kite in His hands. He holds onto it and never lets go, running full speed and not losing sight of where we need to be.

So if all you get from this is that maybe watching little kids at the park isn’t all that weird, that’s okay (unless you are a middle-aged man, then that’s not okay). The point is, maybe we can learn something from other people and their actions. Trying to keep your kite off the ground gets difficult sometimes, but we need to remember that just before we give up and it falls, God is there to fly our kite for us and He never lets go. We just have to get on our feet again and run with Him, because when it comes to flying kites, He is the expert.

Keep smiling. x

Little things make a difference.

Do you ever sit at a set of traffic lights and look at the car in the lane beside you or in front of you and just wonder what they might be doing today or where they are going? Do you ever sit at a bus stop or a restaurant and make up different scenarios about the people seated near you? Do you ever wonder if they are okay or what their story is?

Or maybe I’m completely wack and it’s just me.

I remember one day I was on the bus on my way home from school. There was a girl sitting a few seats in front of me; she was staring out the window and by the looks of the high pile of textbooks and folders next to her, she was possibly in Year 12. The girl was sitting by herself and seemed to be trapped inside her own bubble of thoughts as she stared outside with her earphones in. Music turned up. World turned off.

I began thinking, I wonder how she is coping with all that school work. I didn’t know this girl from a bar of soap (pause – I have never understood that saying, but it sounded good so meh), she was a complete stranger to me. I didn’t know her story. I didn’t know whether she was going through a rough patch at the time or whether she was absoultely loving life.

Either way, I decided I should pray for her. A short, simple prayer. The cool thing with prayer is that it doesn’t matter how casual, how short or how silly you may think it is; God still listens and He still cares. All I said was, “Hey God, I pray that you be with the girl on the bus with the pile of books. I don’t know what’s going on in her life at the moment, but I ask that you fill her life with your love.” 

A few minutes later she collected her things and before she got off the bus, she randomly turned around and looked down the aisle of the bus, then smiled at me and hopped off.
I am not trying to convince you that my small prayer ‘made’ the girl turn around and smile at me, but I do challenge you to think about it.

Last night we had Speech Night at school and I was voted School Captain with one of my closest friends in my grade. I was absolutely stoked and am so excited for what 2014 has in store for us. When I got home, I received a message from a girl that is in the year below me at school. The message said, “Hey congrats on getting school captain! You definitely deserved it and will do a great job! Glad I voted for you.” To be perfectly honest, I had never really made an effort to talk to this girl at school other than a quick ‘hello’ walking between classes. I sent her a message back saying thank you and told her how much it meant to me.

However, her next message made me really stop and think how important doing small things for others is. “I remember thinking how nice you were after you pulled my collar up on the textiles excursion 🙂 you seem really nice the times we have talked so I’m glad you got chosen.”

We might not realise it made an impact while we are doing it or saying it, but it can honestly change someone’s mood on a day. I hope these stories have inspired you to take a few minutes out of each and every day to do something small for someone else; whether that be holding the elevator door open just a few extra seconds to let that lady with a shopping trolley through or giving a $5 note to a homeless person on the street. 

This video sums up perfecetly how our small good deeds can create a flow on effect. 

Keep smiling. x

Future Avenue

So I recently got my P plates and have come to the conclusion that despite that awesome feeling of finally having freedom, I actually prefer driving with other people in the car. I love driving and being in control, but I feel more secure when I have someone in the passenger seat. Probably because there is actually someone there listening to me talk. Driving by yourself can be daunting when you don’t know how to get somewhere. No road map or GPS. It’s just you and the road. All of a sudden, your mind starts to become hazy and you are unsure of where you are. You are lost and you don’t know what’s going to happen next.

Don’t get me wrong, the fact that the future is unknown is exciting, but it scares me too. We spend all our childhood years wishing that we were all grown up and out there in the real world. Then we finally get there and can’t help but ask ourselves why we were so silly. We long for the days of being six-years-old again, where tying our shoe laces was the biggest of our problems.

I wish life had a pause button, so I could really soak in and enjoy what life has to offer at the moment. Before I know it, all my friends will be going their separate ways, ready to embark on their own amazing journeys. Some will go overseas, for a short time or maybe forever; others might stay here, score their dream job and raise a family. Truth is, I have no idea where my friends will be in the next five years, let alone this time next year, but I know for sure that God has some incredible plans for them.

I guess it is hard to comprehend how little we actually know. I suppose I find it difficult to get my head around the uncertainty. The possibilities are endless. If someone came up to me right now and asked me where I see myself in the next couple of years, I would probably answer something along the lines of “I would love to inspire people through what I write, because I love making people smile.” I honestly don’t know if I have any other talents or if God can use me through writing. It’s times like that where I need to stop and think; if God has a plan and a purpose for everyone, He definitely knows what He is doing with my life. I just need to let Him jump in the passenger seat beside me and be the GPS. And yes, sometimes there will be dirt roads along the way and I will lose satellite reception or I will run out of fuel and have to get out and push, but those are the times I will need God the most. Those are the times I need to let Him take the wheel and trust that He knows the way.

Keep smiling. x

A ‘kind’ of difference

If I was asked what one thing I would want to change in the world, I would be sitting here all day trying to cut down the list. I would want to find a cure to all diseases and illnesses, eradicate poverty and hunger in third-world countries and find homes and enough money for homeless people so they can enjoy their lives. They are just a few of the many things I would want to change! 

Something that may be a little closer to home for some of us is bullying. Bullying is something that makes me really upset. To be honest, I don’t quite understand why we can’t all get along. I mean, I get the fact that we are all different and unique and sometimes our personalities clash with other people’s, but why do we hate? Why do we get jealous? Why do we talk behind each other’s backs? Because let’s face it, girls are good at doing that! Why do we hurt each other’s feelings? Why do we back stab? 
If only we could live in a world without sin and where we could all just get along! Or at least, not hurt each other; whether that be physically or emotionally. We need to lift each other up, not tear each other down.
Not many people realise how hurtful their words can be. Sometimes we push that one little joke a bit too far. Bullying hurts. Studies show that most bullies pick on other people because they were bullied once upon a time or they are insecure about themselves. As much as we may want to hate these people and tell everyone how mean they are, we shouldn’t. It’s hard to love your enemies, but there is one way you can show them that you aren’t letting what they say get to you and make you upset. Smile. At them. All the time. No, I don’t mean stare at them in a creepy way with a massive grin on your face for the whole of Science class! 😛 I mean, make it obvious that you are happy regardless of their words and actions. They don’t like seeing you happy, so smile your little face off! 😀 
We can make a difference! Ok, so it might not be finding the cure to cancer, but just by being kind to each other we can spread the love. It isn’t hard. Maybe challenge yourself to make a new friend this week? Change begins with you and me. Today. Let’s do this! 🙂

Keep smiling. x