Day 3 – Women’s Weekly Office!


So today was pretty hectic! A good hectic though! It kept me busy and I had plenty of things to do. I must admit, after the past two days of just typing Ed’s Mentions into a spreadsheet, I wasn’t all too keen on coming in to work today. However…I got a bit excited when Ella told me that I was doing something different today! ūüôā

Instead, my first task for the day was to distribute a whole heap of July Women’s Weekly mags to a variety of companies. I had to write the address on a big envelope and put the correct amount of magazines inside, then seal it off, all ready to be sent off! That took me just over an hour.

Then, Ella shot around a quick email to everyone asking if they needed a “lovely, amazing, awesome intern” (er, or maybe she just wrote “intern” but hey…it doesn’t hurt to¬†stretch the story a bit yeah?) to help with any jobs that needed to be done. Within ten minutes, a lady from Level 10 had replied, asking for an extra pair of hands.

Oooh,¬†I was going to¬†visit another level!¬†How exciting?! ūüėõ It is actually quite funny though. It’s as if each level higher you go in the building, the harder it is to find your way around. It’s like¬†a more complicated maze to navigate through!
After asking a couple of friendly people I like to call my ‘Workplace GPS friends’ (they happen to change every day),¬†I finally found Romi, the lady from Good Health magazine that needed my trusty assistance.

She was extremely nice! She asked me lots of question, talked to me a lot and taught me so much! I learnt lots of new things and some very interesting statistics about magazines. I helped her with some printing and binding and then had my lunch break.

Ha! Lunch break. Now, that’s another story!
So, I walked to the two-storey McDonald’s on the corner to eat my lunch somewhere else rather than at my desk. I walked upstairs and sat down at the only spare¬†table –¬†which¬†happened to have¬†two chairs. I was eating my lunch and texting on my phone, then suddenly a man stood opposite me and asked me if any one was sitting in the other chair. I shook my head, so he sat down.¬†I took a bite of my food. He took a bite of his food. After a while, it sort of felt like he was mimicking me! Mmm, awkward. Little did I know, things were only going to get more uncomfortable.

The man was probably in his late 30s and was from Pakistan. He started talking to me, “So how is your day?” It was hard to understand him, because of his very strong accent, so the majority of the time I just smiled and nodded and a lot of the time he looked at me funny – so I am guessing it was then that I shouldn’t have smiled or nodded.

I told him that my day was good and asked him how his was. He then started a conversation with me, telling me how he had arrived in Australia only last week and that he doesn’t¬†know anybody here¬†and is looking for some friends.
“Don’t worry, I am sure you will find some good friends soon enough!” I said. He smiled at me and said, “So, can we be friends?” I didn’t really know what to say at this point. I had known this man for about a minute and had been staring at¬†his fillet-o-fish that he¬†was¬†dipping¬†in the¬†container of tartae sauce, only about a million times.

I said, “Umm yeah ok.” He asked me what my name was and commented on how “nice” it was. I think I can¬†recall his name being something along the lines of “Aasrakjzajkcoinqjglq”. Or something similar to that.
At this stage, I was beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable. I fiddled with my phone for a bit and then he asked me for my phone number.¬†The first thing that crossed my mind was: “Jess. I think I can hear Mum calling you!” (In other words…get the hell out of here!) I know he was probably just being friendly. Maybe that is what they do in Pakistan? But inside, I was just freaking out. So I¬†tried to keep¬†my cool and said, “Sorry, I don’t have a mobile.” Meanwhile, there I am burying my phone into my lap and switching it to ‘silent’. He looked at me as if to say, ‘I’m not stupid’, so I told him I only have an iPod, so I can’t make or recieve calls.
He sighed, muttered something, got up and put something in the bin. This was my chance. I made a run for it. I got up and put my rubbish in the bin and then subtly continued walking down the stairs and straight out the door. I was now speed-walking back to work. I sat down on a couch in the reception area of the building and a lady came and sat next to me. Initial thought: you better not be a crazy fruitloop too!

We had a conversation for about twenty minutes and she was… lovely! ūüôā Thank God! I was very relieved. I returned to work with Romi after I had¬†wished my new friend at reception good luck with her job interview. I helped Romi gift wrap some magazines, so that she could send them to some other advertising companies and then helped another lady in the same department organise some showbags and empty some boxes full of goodies.¬†I even got to take home some of the July¬†issues of a handful of mags and a cute little water bottle!

Before I knew it, it was 4pm and I was ready to go home. A crazy day indeed, but much more exciting than the past couple. I am in for a good nights’ sleep tonight, that’s for sure.

Keep smiling. x

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