Day 4 – In the Office


Worked in a different department today. Grazia and That’s Life on Level 11 – yes, I am slowly working my way up the building! 😛 I have been meeting lots of new people and learning lots of new things! It was however, a very long day and they kept me extremely busy that is for sure!

I began with removing lip gloss palettes from a piece of cardboard and then putting them in piles of five, so that I could count them later. I finished two boxes and counted over 200.

I went out for lunch and met a couple of my friends, which was really good! I returned to the office and had to sort through some mail; staple cheques to letters, all obviously very riveting things.

Just when I thought I was done, the lady – Tamika, gave me another two boxes of lipgloss palettes. *insert long sigh here*
It was the same procedure as before. Remove them from the cardboard, put them into piles, count them and then stack them in a box. I finally finished at 3pm and altogether there were 959 palettes of lipgloss! I think I have seen enough lippy to last me a lifetime!

For the next hour I sorted through clothing they had used in a photo shoot for the Grazia magazine and had to sort them into piles according to their sizes. Then I had to wrap them up in bubblewrap. Yes…bubblewrap >:D mwahaha! I am not too sure if the rest of the people in the office at the time were all that impressed with me being in control of a huge roll of bubblewrap, but it was oh-so entertaining!

And that was my second last day in the office for the week! No creepy old guys today…yay!

Keep smiling. x

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