Day 5 – Last Day at Work!


So today was my last day working at ACP. It was exciting, but at the same time, I was a little bit sad too. I had met some really nice people during my week there and they had taught me so much! I had experienced a lot too and I know that it really was an amazing opportunity!

The low-down on what I did today goes a little like this. The people at Woman’s Day were out of the office until midday at a meeting, so I went back up to Roma on Level 10 from Good Health magazine. I helped her upstairs with some more gift wrapping and then had to walk all the way to Castlereagh Street, about three blocks away. Thank goodness I chose to wear my flat shoes after ten minutes of contemplating whether to wear heels or flats earlier that morning!

I had to collect a handful of magazines from the other ACP office and then walk back with them…and yes, they got very heavy after a while! I discovered muscles in my arms that I never knew existed until now.

When I got back to the ACP office on Park Street, I delivered the bunch of mags to Roma and then had to make my way around the whole building and collect a list of magazines she had written down for me to get from the different floors. It took me about half an hour.

Once I finished, I was on my way back to Roma when she met me in the elevator, along with about six other overly-excited women. Something exciting was obviously happening! She was quick to inform me that Cosmo was having a sale on their beauty products. I told her I didn’t have my wallet with me, but she pulled me along with her anyway. I picked out three products for only $6 and paid her back afterwards. There were flat irons available for just $14. Perfumes with very fancy names for just under $10 and nail polish, creams, make-up and deodorant for a small $2! It was “cray-cray”, as one of the ladies in the long queue to enter the small, busy room announced. Indeed it was. Not only was it quite ‘cray-cray’. It was any make-up savvy woman’s (er, or man’s…) paradise.

By this stage, my tummy was telling me loud and clear that it was definitely lunch time! I text Mum and met her near the QVB for lunch, which was really good 🙂 I went down to the Women’s Weekly office and spoke to Ella for a while; thanking her for the week and all that jazz. She gave me a letter that I can put in my resume saying I did work experience for that week, which is great!

For the rest of the day, it was pretty chilled out. Roma took me on a tour of the building, which was awesome! She showed me the Gym downstairs – which was incredible! The whole bottom floor is a heated swimming pool and there are exercise bikes, boxing bags and yoga mats inside separate rooms. 

Roma also showed me the Kitchen in the basement. I was salivating as soon as I stepped foot in the room. A lady was pulling a massive leg of ham out of the oven and it smelt absolutely amazing. It made me wonder what they do with all the food they cook once they have photographed it for the magazines. I would be more than happy to do any necessary taste-testing 😛

We then went back up to Level 10 and I read through some magazines and then helped out another lady from Good Health with typing up some spreadsheets. I said my final goodbyes to everyone – mmm, all sounds very dramatic, I know. They gave me some goodies to take home with me, which was really sweet. They wished me good luck with my studies at school and hoped to see me in the near future.

So all-in-all, my week at ACP Magazines has definitely been an amazing week! I have met so many people, learnt so many things and I know that I will never forget this opportunity. They even said I am more than welcome to come back and work for them again! Umm…yay! 😀 All smiles at this end!

Keep smiling. x

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