Challenge Accepted.

I was reading an article the other day about being confident and happy and then sharing that with other people. It was really interesting. Let me warn you, this next bit will probably sound cliché, but I have decided to make a pact with myself. I am going to aim to make at least one person genuinely happy. Every. Single. Day.
Don’t get me wrong, I usually try to do this anyway, but I have realised that I’ve been getting pretty slack as of late. For example, if I wake up feeling like crap one morning, then I will rock up to school without a smile on my face and I will be really quiet – and if you know me well enough, that isn’t the usual me. Let me introduce you to the “real me”.
I’m loud. I’m crazy. I’m out-going. I talk way too much. I embarrass myself on countless occasions by saying really cheesy jokes. I have my fair share of blonde moments, despite the fact I have brown hair. I love smiling. I will talk to anyone and everyone. I laugh a lot and there is a slight chance that I might just be um…completely insane! But hey, I guess that’s just me!
It’s funny though, when I am having a crap day everyone seems to notice that I am not acting myself. They will all ask me what’s wrong and sometimes my bad mood might even rub off on them. After reading the article, I had one of those ‘epiphany’ things; a sudden realisation. I realised that your mood can potentially spread to other people and I hated the fact that I could have been doing that.
So, I have created a challenge for myself. To make at least one person happy each day! Whether that be my family, my friends, the same person I see at the bus stop each week or even a complete stranger! I love making new friends and I love seeing people smile, but even more than that, I love being the reason why they are smiling. I believe it is one of the best feelings in the world. Despite what mood I am in when I wake up, I am not going to let that ruin my day and possibly ruin someone else’s. Everyone deserves to feel special and I am going to do whatever I can to make as many people smile and ultimately happy!
Challenge accepted. Let’s spread the smiles.
Keep smiling. x

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Jess, let me say, you are amazing. You are beautiful and awesome. You are amazing at writing and you totally should follow your dream in journalism. I love you with all my heart. xx Your one true love…

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