The House with the Pretty Garden

As she reached the end of the street she stopped and looked at the house in front of her. The old wooden gate was open, displaying a beautiful, inviting garden. The brightly coloured flowers looked like a constellation of stars unwilling to fade away with the moon as morning broke. The lawn was freshly mowed and the smell of the grass permeated the air around her. The garden was well looked after and welcomed anyone passing by. 

However despite it’s obvious beauty, the silence was deafening. The house stood still and quiet in the background, masked by the serenity of what lay before it. What was happening inside those walls? Was anyone home? It was impossible to know. 
Something inside her stirred. She wanted to know. She walked through the wooden gate, down the paved pathway and past the flawless canvas of flowers, thinking that people are like houses; the ones with the neat and pretty gardens are often a mess inside.

Keep smiling x

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