Genie in a bottle.

I got home from school this afternoon to find out one of the world’s most loved comedians and actors, Robin Williams had passed away. He was an incredible actor in “Mrs. Doubtfire”, “Night at the Museum” and “Aladdin” just to name a few. I read a post on Facebook saying, “Genie, you’re free now.” Four simple words, yet it said so much. 

Robin Williams spent his life making others laugh and putting others first, but forgetting about being happy himself. His jokes, smiles and laughs were all a mask for the pain hidden underneath. 
This made me think; how many other people feel like this? A genie trapped in a bottle, putting on a mask, making others happy but feeling little, if any, happiness for themselves. There’s only one way to feel free – to escape. 
Depression isn’t something that can just simply go away. It is an illness. We have the responsibility to make sure those we talk to and spend time with are okay. All it takes is asking “how are you?” to show them you care. To give them life when they feel lifeless. To give them love when they don’t feel loved. To make them feel special when they feel worthless.
Everyone deserves to be happy. Talk to that boy you saw sitting alone on the bus listening to music. Ask that lady serving you at the check-out how her day is going before she asks you. It doesn’t take much. Sure, it may not fix how people feel and it probably won’t fix any problems they are facing, but you are giving them something to smile about for a moment. A brief, beautiful moment where they feel that life is worth living, because as Robin Williams once said, “no matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” 
Keep smiling. x

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