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The other day I was at Uni and had a three hour break between classes. I was sitting outside in the sun eating lunch and catching up on the latest episode of The Bachelor (is it already too late to ask you not to judge me?). Once I had finished eating I packed up all of my things and walked in the direction of my class. There was a girl, probably around my age, that had walked a few steps and then stopped a few metres ahead of me. By the copious amounts of bags, tripods and cameras I quickly assumed she was a Media and Arts Production student. She was hunched over on the ground, struggling to hold all of the equipment. I stopped and bent down beside her, asking if she needed any help carrying anything. She looked up at me and said, “Oh! Yes please, thank you so much, that would be great!” I picked up a tripod and a huge carry bag with what seemed like the entire film industry’s equipment packed in. How on earth was she carrying all of this on top of everything she had in her arms already? Dani and I walked and talked; I asked her a few questions, she asked me some. But here is the confession. The short three minutes we were talking, I couldn’t help but have this little thing playing in the back of my mind thinking, I wonder if anyone saw me help her – everyone else was just walking past her and around her. I wonder if anyone noticed? Someone, please, kick me. 

That night I went to a youth program at Hillsong with one of my best friends. They were interviewing one of the members of Hillsong United, a Christian band, and he said something that really stood out to me. Each time he went up on stage to perform, whether it be at church on the weekend or overseas while on tour, he would picture himself as a silhouette rather than an actual person. He adopted the attitude that this talent he had been blessed with was a gift from God and he was using it to glorify His name, not his name. He continously would ask himself the question, ‘would you still do what you are doing if people didn’t know who you were?’ Attitude and perspective. Boom. This hit home, hard. A well-deserved punch in the face. Although I haven’t been gifted with the beautiful vocal and musical talent as some others have been, I realised that even things like my small acts of kindness toward others, like Dani, should become natural, not actions I take in hope that I will somehow reap a reward. Intention
This mentality of changing your attitude and perspective can be adopted throughout many aspects of life. I’ll be honest with you, right now, I’m struggling. Life has thrown a massive curve ball at me and I thought I was strong enough to handle most things, but this is challenging me. The last few weeks have taught me this very important lesson: your attitude and perspective toward anything changes everythingWhether you have HSC coming up in just over a month, you’re hurting because something didn’t go the way you planned or you have lost someone special, you fill in the blanks. I have found the past few weeks incredibly difficult, but I found this verse the other day that was too relevant not to share:

Romans 8:18 – “The pain you have been feeling does not compare to the joy that is coming.”

How uplifting is that promise? I only recently found this verse and I automatically felt a weight lift off my shoulders. Of course, I am still hurting. It isn’t going to just go away completely. But I felt this overwhelming sense of comfort and love – I don’t feel like it’s just me struggling by myself now. God’s right by my side and He is picking up my pieces and putting me back together. I am not one-hundred percent, but I am 100% sure that I will be okay. 
If you are going through something really tough right now and you can’t really see a way out, take a moment to stop denying it, accept reality and breathe. It is going to hurt a lot and it isn’t going to be easy, trust me – yeah, it sucks. But in the end it will be okay and if it’s not okay yet, then it is not the end. I heard a sermon the other night & the pastor said that we face struggles not because we are weak, but because we are growing; and growth hurts because it is new. 
“After your season of suffering, God in all His grace will restore, confirm, strengthen and establish you.” – 1 Peter 5:10.  
I challenge you to choose to be happy tomorrow morning when you wake up. I am not saying fake being happy when you are genuinely not. I am saying choose to have a positive attitude, step back, look at the bigger picture and change the way you are looking at things.  Attitude and perspective is everything. 
Keep smiling. x

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