society needs its butt kicked.

We all have insecurities. We live in a world where we naturally compare our appearance, style, personality, career, lifestyle and more, with that of friends and complete strangers. Inevitably (and wrongly), we begin to believe that we are simply not good enough. Just as we begin to get comfortable and feel like we ‘have our lives together’ or are ‘genuinely happy’, something new emerges that tells us that we aren’t quite as happy as we could be yet. 

A society that finds worth in materialistic things instructs on how we can enhance every little thing about us in order to fit perfectly within its ideology. Although, this implies that what lies beyond and doesn’t conform, therefore holds no value. 

Do we really want to reflect that false framework our messed up society has built? Girls get body shamed for not having a gap between their thighs and guys that don’t sport a tanned athletic body with a six-pack aren’t as “attractive” as they could be. I mean, come on, seriously? And the sad part is, this doesn’t even scratch the surface. Society needs its butt kicked. Seriously. 

Let’s admire and compliment one another without questioning our own
beauty, strength and self-worth.

Reality is, when we adopt this frame of mind there is limited space left to genuinely love ourselves, because we are too focused on improving, rather than appreciating, the qualities that we already have. Let’s show this society who’s boss. A society in which unrealistic standards need to be re-evaluated so that going against ‘the grain’ is praised, rather than looked down upon. 

Girls, don’t even think about mentioning thigh gaps anyway – they are, like, so last year. ‘Thigh brows’ are the new thing (sadly, it’s a thing – Google it). If this is the kind of standard that society has perceived as ‘normal’, then this is an open invitation to everyone who would like to be as abnormal as possible with me. 

Let’s admire and compliment one another without questioning our own beauty, strength and self-worth. Empower, not compete. Let this be your reminder that you are SO enough. 

Keep smiling. x

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