my sister is the reason I believe

I decided to share my testimony in the form of poetry. Feel free to read it below or watch it by clicking on the video!

My Sister is the Reason I Believe | My Testimony from Jess Shipton on Vimeo.

My Sister is the Reason I Believe // my testimony 

This is the story of  why I believe in a God who loves me,
A small part of my journey that has helped form my testimony.
Back when I was five, I didn’t think much of God,
It was all just a story that I had been told.

But it took just one moment and everything changed.
I began asking questions and knew I wouldn’t be the same.
Who knew that one thing could make such an impact,
In a way that I was confused as to how to react.

It all happened one afternoon while our family was weeding the yard.
My three-year-old sister with flawless skin was the next minute scarred.
She had hooked a hockey strap to the collar of our dog,
Holding tightly to the other end as he chased people going for a jog.

The next part is where some fun quickly turned to disaster,
As the pair of people passed by, our dog began to run faster.
Failing to let go in time as she stumbled past,
She tripped on a metal garden rake lying face up on the grass.

As the situation unfolded before us and the seriousness was unveiled,
Mum and Dad raced over to my sister and realised she had been impaled.
A deep wound above her ankle, but no blood in sight,
The rake was protruding from her body and she was in for a fight.

Within the blink of an eye, a relaxed afternoon was now an emergency.
The sound of laughter quickly shifting to cries of urgency.
It is strange how in these moments, despite how quick everything moves,
It seems to slow down and feel like nothing will improve.

I sat down on the front porch as the neighbours calmed me down,
But meanwhile all I heard was loud sirens all around.
I can’t even express what was going through my head,
All I could see was flashing colours of blue and red.

Moments later, she had been rushed to the hospital,
A cheerful three-year-old girl with a body so little.
This is where she stayed for a few days and nights,
And we were given news that something didn’t go right.

She had an oxygen embolism which is as badas it sounds,
Where small amounts of air within the blood circulation are found.
The doctors informed Mum that my sister had stopped breathing,
And the monitor was flat lining as her heartslowly stopped beating.

The confusion, the sadness, the anger and the worry,
All these mixed emotions as the nurses could only say sorry.
The Doctors were meant to clean her wound with saline solution,
But hydrogen peroxide was the accidental and fatal substitution.

When you are having lots of fun, two and half minutes doesn’t seem like forever,
But when something like this happens, it’s hard to think it will get better.
However these few minutes seemed like an eternity to my Mum who was with her,
All the anxious and scared feelings that were blurring together.

I remember at this time I didn’t really know God at all,
But I was praying to something and of that I am sure.
A constant stream of thoughts and unspoken words,
That I knew that somewhere out there was being heard.

Meanwhile my parents were waiting in the hallway,
Where the nurse – mascara running down her face, had something to say.
She placed her hand on Mum’s knee and explained the cardiac arrest,
How something beyond us saved her and for that we are blessed.

Fifteen years later and I can’t fathom what happened that day.
My sister shouldn’t be here, but every night I pray.
I pray to a God that I now wholeheartedly believe in,
My sister is a living miracle and for that I will always thank Him.

With a scarred ankle that still remains as a reminder of her brave fight,
It serves as her testimony in which she continues to shine God’s light.
God knew that she needed to be here and that her short time on Earth wasn’t done.
And just like that, a life full of love and kindness begun.

My sister is one-hundred percent the reason I believe,
In a God that is bigger and greater than I could perceive.
She is a walking, talking, sometimes annoying, miracle,
But a life without her would be nothing short of unbearable.

While this is my story of how I met a God who loves me,
I challenge you to truly acknowledge the way he cares unconditionally.
Whether you have found Him yet or you are still searching,
Take courage in the infinite blessings and his constant nurturing.

He is my Heavenly Father full of compassion,
And a heart that pours out a love that will never go out of fashion.
At the end of the day, there is only one thing he asks you to do,
In order to be saved, you must believe His Word is true.

So what have you got to lose? This is real talk now.
If you look at how incredible this world is, you can’t help but ask how.
All you have to do is believe with all of your heart,
And if this God is more than just a story, you will be set apart.

Keep smiling. x


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