about me.

Hey, I’m Jess and here’s a bit about me!

I live in Australia and have a Bachelor of Communications in Digital & Social Media and Public Communication (Advertising). I had a two-year part-time stint as a retail assistant in a supermarket, and have had some experience working as a Digital Marketing Assistant at a marketing agency. On the side, I started up my own business as a Digital & Social Media Marketing freelancer toward the end of 2017 and now have a few clients on board.

Aside from work – I love to travel. I have no idea how to fold clothing neatly. I think broccoli is the best vegetable the planet has to offer. I have a pet turtle. I tell puns way too often and from a scale of gourmet to burns toast, I am the latter when it comes to cooking.

But above all, I have a passion for God, for writing and for people. My goal with this blog is to combine these things by sharing my writing and reach out to people who can relate to experiences that I have had. In a nutshell, you’ll be reading everyday experiences with a different perspective.


So welcome – I hope you enjoy reading┬ámy blog! While this is just a hobby of mine, I really hope my stories will touch your heart in some way.

Be encouraged. Be inspired. Be blessed.

Big hugs and keep smiling. x

Let’s connect!

I share some smaller thoughts of encouragement more frequently on my Instagram and Facebook pages, so let’s be friends on there! Find me through @smilewithoutreasonblog or use the hashtag #smilewithoutreasonblog.

If you would love to hear more about what inspires me to share my writing, check out this video:

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